11 - 14 de octubre 2021

Past, Present and Future

Presencial / On-Line

It’s our special 10 year anniversary conference this year, and we’re very excited to be returning to Edinburgh. We’ll be exploring ‘Past, Present & Future’ of the Compassionate Mind Foundation, bringing together speakers and presenters who represent the wide array of compassion focused approaches to health. Hope to see you there!

PRESENCIAL,  at the Holiday Inn Riverlights Hotel in Derby (UK)

This workshop will combine a theoretical overview of Compassion Focused Therapy as it applies to the practice of group work, with practical suggestions for developing and managing the dynamics of all aspects of group psychotherapy. We will cover groups across the spectrum of complexity and duration from short term psycho-educative programmes aimed at primary care through to long term trauma focused psychotherapy with hard to reach clients. 

9-10 diciembre 2021

  ONLINE via Zoom

Compassion Focused Therapy was developed by Paul Gilbert as a means of addressing psychological difficulties underpinned by shame & self- criticism. The model draws on an array of important research fields such as social, neurophysiological, and evolutionary theory, attachment & developmental psychology to seek to understand ourselves and others. It then assists individuals to mindfully tune into and  develop compassion, thus activating our ‘affiliative/soothing system’ and  balancing our affect regulating systems, particularly in response to threat.

In recent years there has been a growing evidence base for the approach. It has been adapted and tailored for those experiencing trauma, eating related difficulties, psychosis, physical health conditions & work related stress.

So why wait to use the approach in adulthood? How about using CFT with children and  young people to prevent and  alleviate problems sooner? This workshop will provide a brief introduction to CFT and the ways it can be used to assist children & their families. Tangible examples, tools and exercises will be shared to ensure delegates leave with ways in which CFT can influence their practice and, maybe, their own lives too.