15-16 de septiembre 2022

  ONLINE via Zoom

Compassion Focused Therapy was developed by Paul Gilbert as a means of addressing psychological difficulties underpinned by shame & self- criticism. The model draws on an array of important research fields such as social, neurophysiological, and evolutionary theory, attachment & developmental psychology to seek to understand ourselves and others. It then assists individuals to mindfully tune into and  develop compassion, thus activating our ‘affiliative/soothing system’ and  balancing our affect regulating systems, particularly in response to threat.

In recent years there has been a growing evidence base for the approach. It has been adapted and tailored for those experiencing trauma, eating related difficulties, psychosis, physical health conditions & work related stress.

So why wait to use the approach in adulthood? How about using CFT with children and  young people to prevent and  alleviate problems sooner? This workshop will provide a brief introduction to CFT and the ways it can be used to assist children & their families. Tangible examples, tools and exercises will be shared to ensure delegates leave with ways in which CFT can influence their practice and, maybe, their own lives too.

19-20 de septiembre 2022

  ONLINE via Zoom

Having a baby can be a time of great joy, but also potentially a time of mixed emotions and difficult experiences.  Changes occur within our body, brain, and of course in our lives too.  These can be helpful and wonderful but can also make us feel unsteady, sometimes deeply so. The mind we, and others relate to us with at this time can be particularly important and powerful, both in terms of ourselves as parents, but also for our baby too.  

This workshop will look at the complexity of changes that occur when we become pregnant and have a baby and the particular impact of developing our compassionate mind during this important time.

It will give practical experience of how we develop the compassionate mind during the perinatal period with particular reference to some of the most challenging aspects, such as postnatal depression, trauma and loss.

Knowledge of the basics of Compassion Focused Therapy will be assumed.

Following this workshop participants are entitled to apply to join the compassion discussion list which is an international list for individuals who are committed to compassion focused therapy. It is not a general list of compassion interests.

10-13 de octubre 2022


Our 11th International CFT Conference is taking place in October, and we’re excited to be exploring research and clinical practice reflections on this year’s theme of ‘Caring Connections’. After a few years online, we are looking forward to being together in the beautiful city of Edinburgh at the Royal College of Physicians (numbers and restrictions permitting). This conference will be a hybrid conference, so livestreaming options will be available for those unable to join us in person, and sessions will be recorded and available to view shortly after the conference.

We hope to see you there!

28 de octubre 2022


Normal psychological reactions to living with long term conditions include fear of the symptoms getting worse or the person being unable to cope with it, frustration at the limits it can place on people’s lives and depression, in response to fewer opportunities to engage in valued activities. Whilst these typical reactions are normal, this illness-related distress can then feed into the problem and make it even more difficult to cope with symptoms, further increasing suffering.

This is the main new development that CFT can bring to managing long term conditions, helping people to understand their “striving” reactions, which involves the “drive” reaction or blue circle of CFT.

CFT helps people to understand this urge to engage in over-activity with unintended consequences, CFT encourages them to develop soothing rhythm breathing and wiser, more compassionate coping strategies, encouraging them to believe that they deserve to be happy and free from suffering.

Ultimately, the CFT approach to management helps people to formulate the origins of their own self-critical thoughts and striving behaviours, allowing them to make better choices about how they want to live their lives, to regain their confidence and feel proud of themselves again. Whilst individual goals will differ, most people are keen to have a life that is worth living again even though their long term condition is still likely to be there in the background.


This workshop will offer a model for developing and delivering compassion focused staff support initiatives to a variety of staff teams. This will include practical resources and ideas for establishing these groups and working with the blocks to compassion in these settings.

This workshop has been designed for practitioners, therapists and clinicians who wish to develop their knowledge and practical skill in developing and delivering Compassion Focused staff support groups and also utilising compassion focused concepts within a supervisory framework. The day can also be steered according to the particular needs of the group. The three days will be highly experiential with a mixture of role-play demonstrations opportunities for practice, multimedia and small groups discussions.

Personal practice is an essential underpinning to this work and therefore will form an integral part of this workshop with the opportunity for personal exploration of compassion and the practices which accompany the model.